8% increase the best Wits can do

Wits Vice Chancellor Professor Adam Habib says he understands why students are disappointed with an 8 percent fee increase.

But it’s the best the university can do at this time, he said.

“Our SRC was very clear that they were unhappy with the fee increase. To be fair, they had suggested a zero percent increase.

“We had looked at it at council level, which met on Friday. We deliberated on it but we found that we are just not in a position,” he said.

Habib lambasted the media for its coverage of student protests.

He said the media has misrepresented critical issues.

“Frankly what I’m astonished at is how facts are not verified. How people don’t understand the issues.

“The media has two roles. One is to provide information, and one is to provide detailed investigative analysis.

“On detailed information they often have serious problems.”