Responses to issues raised at the Town Hall Meeting on 8 April 2014

Esselen Street Residence

The security situation and the bus stop at Esselen Street residence were discussed by the University Executive on Monday, 14 April 2014. It was reported that a meeting had taken place with officials of the Mayor’s Office on Thursday, 10 April 2014 to inform them of the University’s concerns on these and other issues which impact on staff and students at Esselen Street. It was agreed that the matter would be escalated to the City Manager for his urgent attention. The Executive tasked Professor Beatrys Lacquet with formally advising the Mayor and City Manager’s Offices on this matter in writing and requesting their plans for addressing, specifically, the security problem and the need for the bus stop. Professor Rob Moore will follow up on this letter within 24 hours of receipt by the Mayor and City Manager’s Offices. The Vice-Chancellor will provide updates to students. The envisaged timeline for the resolution of these matters is the end of June 2014.

Safety Routes

Maintenance on the safety routes on East and West campuses in terms of lighting and pathway requirements is currently being addressed by Professor Lacquet and the PIMD team. Once this is completed, Professor Lacquet will lead a delegation comprising student representatives, the Dean of Students and the Director of the Sexual Harassment Office on a site visit so that they can further discuss and sign off on the security measures. It is envisaged that this will take place by 5 May 2014. Under the leadership of Professor Lacquet, a team has been set up to explore options to create safe walk routes across the entire University. This team has met to complete the request for proposals on the intercom systems and to map out the routes, in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

Bus Service to Wits Junction

Residents at Wits Junction have requested and received additional bus services which they pay for. In terms of the University’s transport policy, the bus service follows a designated route, from say Wits Junction to Braamfontein Campus East, and does not collect students from other campus residences, for instance the School of Education. In order to ensure that the safety of students on our buses is not compromised, the University’s Campus Control will do spot checks to ensure that students being transported are registered and legitimate users of this service. Any student found to be not a legitimate user of the bus service will face disciplinary action by the University.

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