Implementation Of Strategic Plan On Transformation


Dear Colleagues

Wits University has developed a Strategic Plan to accelerate Transformation and ensure an inclusive and competitive institution.

Following engagements with a range of stakeholders across the University, the Vice-Chancellor’s Statement on Transformation was developed and circulated. After taking into account responses to the Vice-Chancellor’s Statement, an Executive Statement and Strategic Plan was developed and approved by both Senate and Council.

The Executive Statement and Strategic Plan identifies eight key areas that Wits needs to address. It also identifies an executive who will be responsible for driving each area in the coming months:

  1. Diversifying the Academy – Professor Adam Habib
  2. Curriculum Reform – Professor  Andrew Crouch
  3. Student Admissions – Professor Andrew Crouch, in conjunction with the relevant Executive Dean
  4. Promoting a Diverse and Cosmopolitan Residence Life Experience – Dr Pamela Dube
  5. Institutional Culture – Professor Tawana Kupe
  6. Institutional Naming – Professor Tawana Kupe
  7. Language Policy – Professor Andrew Crouch
  8. Insourcing of all Outsourced Activities – Professor Adam Habib

Transformation Committees

Two committees have been formed to ensure accelerated implementation, policy development and oversight.
The first is the Transformation Implementation Committee which will meet on a monthly basis and be chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Adam Habib. It will include the five Executive Deans, three Deputy Vice-Chancellors, the Head of the Transformation Office and two academic staff members. This Committee will oversee the appointment of African and Coloured South African staff. It will also disburse grants to existing African and Coloured staff to support the creation of an enabling environment for their achievement of the criteria that are required for promotion to the professoriate. The Committee will also assume responsibility for the Vice-Chancellor’s Equity Fund that is targeted at the appointment of staff from all designated groups. It will have oversight over the implementation of all eight programmes identified in the Executive Statement and Strategic Plan.

The second Committee is an expanded Transformation Steering Committee to be chaired by Professor Tawana Kupe, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Advancement, HR and Transformation. This Committee will review and advise on Transformation policies and have general oversight of Transformation matters at the University. It will have representation from all key University constituencies.

The full terms of reference for the Transformation Implementation Committee can be obtained on request by emailing

Call for applications

Next week, the University will make an open call for applications from African and Coloured South Africans.


Wits University is committed to urgently addressing Transformation and we are looking to you, our staff, students, and internal and external partners to support us in this journey. We will keep you informed of progress on each of the strategies outlined above on a monthly basis. Should you have any questions, please direct them to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Advancement, HR and Transformation via

Professor Adam Habib
Vice-Chancellor and Principal
Wits University

13 August 2015


Download the PDF version

Download the Transformation Strategy


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