Vice-Chancellor’s Circular No. 5 – Admissions, enrolment and dependant’s bursaries

Dear Colleagues

Below is an update on key developments related to admissions, enrolment and bursary processes for 2014.


As you may know, Wits is piloting an online registration system which will enable some students to register online from the 2nd of January 2014. The first phase will empower students with a fixed curriculum (like Engineering or Health Sciences) to register online. Most PhD and Masters by Research students will also be able to register online. Students will be able to edit their personal information, view their academic information, courses and timetable, and register online. They can then come into campus at their own convenience to obtain their parking permits and to activate their student cards.

Returning students or students registered for postgraduate studies who require curriculum advice will be registering via the Single Point Service Centre, while new first year students will be fully supported by staff from the Student Enrolment Centre.

For the first time, academically excellent Matric students who achieved a points score of 46 or above, will be given the opportunity to register early – this will be taking place on Friday, 10 January 2014, and will include a full support team.

For detailed information on which groups qualify for online, assisted or fully supported registration, visit


2 Jan – Online registration opens for Health Sciences students

6 Jan – Online registration opens for fixed curriculum programmes

16   Jan – 11 Feb – Single Point Service Centre is operational

10 Jan – 6 Feb – First time registration via the Student Enrolment Centre

2 Feb – Welcome Day

3 Feb – 7 Feb – Orientation Week (FEBE students Orientation begins 27 Jan)

11 Feb – First day of term


As part of my quest to improve the Wits Experience for students, I have requested that an email hotline for enrolment be set up, which I will monitor on a daily basis. Students will be advised, via social media and posters, to make use of this hotline, and to escalate any issues related to service delivery that may not have been resolved by the respective managers on duty. The email address to be used is


The new Online Bursary Application function is available via the Human Resources Intranet Home Page to enable members of staff to apply for bursaries electronically. This automated process will work just like the leave process and will automatically update the bursary screen and generate a fees account. Once approved by the line manager, the system will automatically drop the flag on the upfront registration fees required and prepare the record for the online student registration process. The manual process will continue to run concurrently for six months.  Staff members are requested to liaise with their respective Human Resources Officers if they have any further queries.

Notifying the fees office

Staff with dependants who are already at University, must ensure that as soon as the student’s results are issued, that they notify the fees office, so that the flag on the registration fees required for 2014 is dropped, and so that the record is prepared for online or other registration.

Similarly, staff whose dependants applied to Wits for the first time for 2014 and who receive firm offers, must also inform the fees office of their acceptance of the offer, in order for the bursary details to be updated, and for the flag to be lowered before online or other registration can occur.

Should you have any queries pertaining to any of the issues mentioned above, please contact the Acting Registrar, via email at or call her on (011) 717 1204.



Professor Adam Habib

Vice-Chancellor and Principal

9 December 2013